My Book Review – Instant PrimeFaces Starter- Packt Publishing

My Book Review – Instant PrimeFaces Starter- Packt Publishing

I was approached by PACKT Publishing and asked if I would like to review a new book, Instant Primefaces Starter book. Here is my opinion on this book.

My Book Review - Instant PrimeFaces Starter- Packt Publishing

Instant Primefaces Starter book  is written by Ian Hlavats who is an experienced Java developer, instructor, speaker, and author of the book JSF 1.2 Components (Packt). He is on the JSF 2.2 Expert Group and contributed to the next generation of the JSF specification. He holds a Bachelor of Humanities degree from Carleton University and IT certificates from Algonquin College.

Installation section: this section provides details on setup and configuration of Eclipse, Maven, GlassFish, Dreamweaver, MySQL and Primefaces. These are my favourite combinations of tools and technologies that I prefer to use for my projects. You can also run the example project on Netbeans 7.3 with no problems. I find this section very clear and setting up the environment is explained very well.

Quick start section: this section is a quick introduction to implementation of the application. Here you will find some background information on the requirements. You will see a figure that represents the application architecture which helps you understand how the Presentation, Application and Data Tier will be implemented. This section has quite useful details on Information Architecture, Database Design and User Interface Design. At the end of this section you will also learn how to create the Directory Structure, Facelets Templates and Controller Classes with the help of Model-View-Controller architecture.

Top 3 features you need to know about section will mention top 3 features: Primefaces, Primefaces-Mobile and PrimePush. Here you will learn:

– Enabling drag-and-drop support and PrimeFaces themes
– Using Ajax effects
– Working with panels and Dynamic charts
– Using RSS feeds in your PrimeFaces application and Modal status indicator
– How to handle events and provide a model for the dashboard

This section is the most important section because you will start implementing the crucial parts of the Show Time Guru project where you will use CDI, create controller classes and design JSF pages with the help of Primefaces components. The best part was enabling this application for the mobile environment and using PrimePush to create a chat application.

In my opinion this book provides a complete guide – from setting up the environment to deploying the sample project. The example project Show Time Guru is enriched with code and diagrams and they are very easy to follow. This book has used the latests tools and technologies. You will enjoy combining these technologies and implementing the sample project.

To download the book please visit Packt Publishing‘s website.



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